Maximize the Benefits of Your RFP Process with Our Proven Six Step Process

Data2Logistics’ team brings over 100 years of combined transportation sourcing experience. We leverage proven sourcing practices across all modes, and geographies. Our guiding philosophy is structure, process, and fairness for all parties.

RFPs are an investment in improving your logistics, a sure path to increased savings and improved service levels. That’s why you want to make sure each RFP you send out will get you the best services from competent suppliers at competitive rates.

Most companies face the same challenges when it comes to RFP execution, including:

  • A tedious, time-consuming process
  • The absence of RFP management expertise or availability
  • A lack of standardized bid sheets
  • Vague, inexact shipment profiles
  • The inability to respond in a comparable manner
  • The inability to come up with optimal conclusions and recommendations based on the responses

Our RFP management process removes these obstacles and is solidified by an extensive library of proprietary tools to support global bids for all transport modes. Outsourcing RFP management to us is the direct route to better savings opportunities.

Our process also ensures you are optimizing all aspects of your agreements such as Contract duration, Payment terms, Cargo liability language, and much more.

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