Understanding Freight Audit and Payment


Freight auditing is a powerful tool for improving your supply chain. However, it can be difficult to get started with freight audit if you are not familiar with its purpose and importance to your company. This blog post will explain what freight audit is, how it helps improve the performance of your supply chain, and provide some easy tips on getting started with this process.

A freight audit generates powerful data for improving your supply chain.

As a business owner, you have the right to know exactly what is going on in your supply chain and how it impacts your bottom line. A freight audit can help you by providing an objective analysis of your freight spend.

A freight audit can improve the visibility within your supply chain by identifying problems before they become major issues that impact profitability and brand reputation. It also helps companies identify opportunities for improvement in order to reduce costs while maintaining or increasing profits from current operations.

What is a freight audit?

Freight auditing is the process of gathering and analyzing the data buried within your supply chain which typically leads to a reduction in freight spend. The freight audit process helps you to mitigate losses and improve efficiency in your business operations by generating actionable data.

What is the purpose of a freight audit?

In the shipping industry, a freight audit is a powerful tool for diagnosing issues hidden within your supply chain. It helps you to identify and solve problems in your transportation process by eliminating doubt and confusion through actionable data.

How can a freight audit help in supply chain management?

A freight audit can help you improve your supply chain by identifying problems, improving efficiency and productivity, and reducing costs.

  • A freight audit allows the company to identify potential issues within the supply chain by analyzing data on shipments received at a particular location or date. The results of this analysis are used to determine where inefficiencies may exist within the organization's operations (e.g., transport companies).
  • Using this information as a foundation for improvements can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability for multiple businesses involved in transporting goods around the world!

How do I get started with freight audit?

How do I get started with freight audit?

At Data2Logistics, we firmly believe accurate invoicing is the key to better carrier-shipper partnerships and smarter freight spend management. Our robust processes drive efficiency and accuracy vs. simply searching for errors. Besides providing global automated invoice processing for all modes of transportation, we guard against further errors by pairing our auditing solution with the trained eye of an experienced auditor. We are proof that shippers can live in the best of both worlds, striking a balance between human and machine intelligence, between speed and precision. Reach out today and find out how easy it is to start the process with Data2Logistics!

Data2Logistics has a dedicated “Professional Consulting Services” team that can help you identify opportunities across all modes.  We provide various services such as data metrics/analytics, market studies, carrier strategy/negotiation, etc.  For more information, please contact Dan Leva at [email protected] or 973-222-5882.